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Most important reasons for being a member of the Brockville Business Network


 1. BBN will increase your business with the most cost effective method of advertising through the network of trusted members using word of mouth advertising.

2. In BBN you will be able to give a 10-minute presentation about your business several times a year – the more group members know about you, the better they can target business towards you.

3. BBN has a solid structure including an infomercial from each member speaking about his or her business each and every week. Here you will get the opportunity to learn about the other members and teach members what you do so that your business to be better able to both provide and receive solid leads.

4. In BBN you will develop trusting relationships with professionals outside your field – giving you access to a wide range of limitless experience and knowledge to help you grow your business.

5. BBN provides you with the opportunity to develop your presentation skills. This can boost confidence and bring more “yes” answers when you are selling.

6. BBN supports your fellow Entrepreneur members through a qualified direct referral system.

7. BBN membership fees stay local. As a group we make every effort to support our community through donations and sponsorships. 

8. Being part of the group allows for a free expanded sales force.

9. BBN members can receive discounts to products and services from fellow members.

10. BBN provides marketing materials in the form of binders, nametags and a corporate web site.

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